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  • The energy generated and stored locally is always ready for all energy needs at home.

  • The home is also well supplied at night. All rooms are ventilated to create a healthy indoor climate.

  • Whilst your kitchen is ventilated actively, you can use the dissipated heat to warm your house. All devices are powered by your own solar energy system.

  • Controlled indoor ventilation and hygienic humidification increase comfort and create a healthy climate.

  • The proven, certified and patented energy storage system can be installed outside the house to save the solar energy from summer for winter.

  • The energy center supplies your house with electricity, ventilates it and also lowers your heating costs. At any time of the year.

  • The power of the sun can be used all year round. The highly efficient system combines heat and power consumption exactly when you need it.

HPS System – Picea

Energy storage, heating support and ventilation unit, all-in-one.

HPS has developed a system in which components such as battery, electrolyzer and fuel cell all work together efficiently. Predictive energy management creates a sustainable, electrically self-sufficient and customizable house energy system.

In addition, the waste heat generated during the operation of Picea is provided to the house as heating or hot water, thus further reducing your energy bill.

Picea has standardized interfaces and is easy to install and easy to maintain.

The system operation is simple and automated. This allows you to manage the energy generated by your photovoltaic solar system according to your needs.

The HPS software shows how you can help protect the environment and allows you to control your energy requirements.


Energy Center

In the energy center, all components are tightly integrated to provide maximum performance within limited space. Everything from a single source: batteries, power electronics, ventilation equipment, electrolyzer, fuel cell or the HPS energy manager. All components are integrated in a closed system – compact with a small footprint.


Seasonal Energy storage

The hydrogen storage system is your personal seasonal storage which stores the energy produced in the summer for use during the winter months. The hydrogen storage is absolutely safe and can be installed both inside and outside. We will be happy to advise you to find the ideal storage place.

Completely integrated and compatible

picea contains - compact and complete - all components required for safe and efficient storage and use of electricity. The price of picea is usually between 70,000 and 100,000 euros gross depending on the individual dimensioning - this price includes: An electrolyser for the production of hydrogen from solar power, a fuel cell for the supply of electricity in winter, 20 kWh usable battery capacity for short-term storage, at least 300 kWh long-term storage, solar inverter for the direct connection of a PV system, intelligent energy management and app for tablet, a ventilation unit incl. heat exchanger and thus the possibility for controlled ventilation of living space.  The 19% sales tax can be refunded in connection with the purchase of a photovoltaic system and within the framework of the small business regulation. We will be happy to clarify the requirements with you in a consultation. The installation of a picea system is currently subsidized nationwide with 15,050 euros by the KfW! If necessary, other regional subsidy programs can be used - we will be happy to check other subsidy options and make the application for you.

picea offers a very compact concept and is the first energy system of its kind worldwide. In contrast to other commercially available systems with less performance, the HPS solution does not require large space or conversions within the building. All interfaces between our system and your house are standardized. Electrical power independence requires appropriate boundary conditions on site.


  • Summer (during the day)

    On sunny summer days, Picea stores the solar energy in a battery. The excess solar electricity is converted to hydrogen using the electrolyzer and stored for later use during wintertime. Even the waste heat created is stored in the hot water tank ready for use when it is required.

  • Summer (in the evening)

    After sunset, you can use the stored electricity of the battery to supply your household as usual. The stored heat of the hot water storage tank is also available to you.

  • Winter (during the day)

    Since solar energy alone is not sufficient during winter, your seasonal storage ensures your home is supplied with electricity as needed. This is done with the help of a fuel cell which also generates heat and works in addition to your heating appliance.

  • Winter (in the evening)

    If there is no solar energy at your disposal, your household is served by the seasonal storage in winter. The fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce electricity and heat for you. A controlled humidification of the room air additionally increases the comfort and ensures a healthy coziness.

Technical Data & Downloads

To learn more about the technical performance of our products, you can download technical data and background information here.


This flyer provides an overview about utilizing Picea and includes a graphic that explains its functionality.


In this presentation you will find a short summary about the year-round electricity storage picea and about HPS.