Larger-scale services & holistic solutions

Whether for medium-sized companies or supplying several homes in a housing estate – we develop individual and sustainable energy solutions optimised to your needs.


Already available for you today: multi-picea for commercial and multi-family buildings.

With a storage capacity of up to 13,500 kilowatt hours of electrical energy, our cascade approach multi-picea allows you greater performance and the right storage capacity for your individual application. So with multi-picea, you now also have the option of supplying small and medium-sized businesses with 100% CO₂-free electricity. Find out more now and get your non-binding quote.

Kraftwerk Grafik

Virtual power plant

The missing component of the energy transition

With a picea cluster, we will be able to form a “virtual power plant” in future – this will provide a solution for a missing component of the energy transition.

In concrete terms, virtual power plants will enable the following:

1. Sale of renewable heat directly to consumers
2. Sale of renewable electricity directly to consumers
3. Energy trading – renewable electricity is traded via the grid
4. Grid stabilising services

Neighbourhood solutions

Achieving even more effectiveness together

We are working on future solutions. Our neighbourhood solutions are designed for housing estates with, for example, 30-40 homes. Each house will have a photovoltaic system on the roof and a picea in the basement.
A central hydrogen storage system will further optimise the overall costs for the housing estate.
Interconnecting the system will provide all housing units with a maximum CO₂-free energy supply.

In addition to other benefits, several houses with different roof orientations also balance out the yields from the PV system.

Whether it is an entire housing estate, business or supplying your own home. We look forward to advising you individually.