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Your electricity independence is no longer a utopian vision. Here you can find out about the experiences, opinions and impressions of other picea storage owners

Schade family

In Panketal, near Berlin, the Schade family has fulfilled a dream. Storing energy themselves with hydrogen. Mr. Schade’s grandfather already discussed with him the possibility of using hydrogen as an energy carrier. Storing PV surpluses themselves and not feeding them into the grid – with picea, this dream has now come true.

Steffi and Ben

Since summer 2020, there’s also been a hydrogen house with picea near Munich. Steffi and Ben were absolutely determined to realise a green power supply in their new-build home. That is why they chose picea. Shortly after moving into their own four walls, they share their experiences in this video:

Karadeniz family

When the Karadeniz family decided to build their dream home with WeberHaus, they wanted to become independent from the electricity supplier. Construction technician Mr. Karadeniz was one of the first pilot customers and is impressed: “picea differs from other energy systems because of its enormous storage capacity. It feels good to be independent and environmentally friendly at the same time.”

Liebchen family

The chalet at Wetterkreuz offers vacation guests comfort at the highest level and, thanks to picea, a CO2-free supply of solar energy even in winter. The couple Romolo and Christine Liebchen have fulfilled a dream with their domicile in the Chiemgau region and have deliberately chosen the hydrogen-based energy storage system picea from the Berlin-based company HPS Home Power Solutions AG.

We live quite normally and also have maximum independence. It’s great to see what’s fed in and what’s consumed.

Family Karadeniz

I liked the idea that you could combine an air-source heat pump with underfloor heating in combination with PV on the roof and a hydrogen storage tank.

Steffi and Ben

When the power supply failed in the village for several hours in the winter of 2018 / 2019, we didn’t even notice at first thanks to picea.

Mr. Horn

The team was very sympathetic and helpful right from the start. We were in constant contact and everything worked very well.

Steffi and Ben

I’m really proud that we worked together with HPS and I also feel a real sense of emotion that I’ve contributed to something that I think has a future.

Mr. Horn

Hörmann family

With their new-build home in Zusmarshausen, the Hörmann family has managed to live the dream of full energy independence. Their passive house uses only solar power for its electricity and heating needs, making it 100% CO₂-free for its entire energy supply.

picea is a unique solution that enables the summer surplus to be available in winter by storing the solar hydrogen.

Horn family

The Horn family’s hydrogen house in southern Bavaria demonstrates the efficiency of picea. In the snowy region, photovoltaic systems often disappear under snow in winter for longer periods of time, and therefore cannot produce electricity. The capacity of the picea storage system is large enough to meet the electricity demand for several weeks.

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