We are HPS and we want to make history

We are engineers, experts, researchers, enthusiasts and we have a shared goal: supplying independent and clean energy for our customers.

Become part of our team. Together we can do more.

We are happy if you share the same convictions and want to become part of our team. Our product already achieves today what will be required for the future: toend to the age of fossil fuels! Want to join us? You can find our current vacancies here:

Über unsere Philosophie

We want the breakthrough for the energy transition. Solar hydrogen is the technology that will make it happen.

About our goals, our product and our philosophy

Home Power Solutions has the clear goal of revolutionising the world’s largest sector consuming fossil energy – building energy – which accounts for 40%. With our products, we’re pioneering solar hydrogen, an energy source that’s not only CO₂-free, but also makes independence and security of supply possible for every home. Our employees are passionate fighters against climate change. They use the freedom and personal responsibility that are integral to the culture at HPS to develop their full potential. This is the only way to turn a vision into a functioning product in a short period of time: picea – the first solar-hydrogen system for homes.

Über unsere Ziele und unser Produkt

Latest developments, current news and upcoming HPS events

Perhaps you would like to attend one of our webinars. Or read what the press has to say about us. You can find all the latest news and events here:

We develop energy systems for your independence

HPS develops and produces integrated systems for storing and using solar energy in one- and two-family houses as well as commercial real estate or apartment buildings. HPS ensures security, independence and sustainability as part of a decentralised power supply. HPS’s first system, picea, provides electricity storage, heating support and ventilation for living spaces in one compact product. Based on its own high-performance energy management, picea completely meets the electrical energy needs of a single-family home. HPS is based in Berlin.

HPS Sommer Energiesysteme Stromspeicher
Our Supervisory Board
Dr. Paul Grunow

Dr. Paul Grunow

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Hans-Peter Villis

Hans-Peter Villis

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Christian Müller

Member of the Supervisory Board

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