PICEA — the world’s first year-round electricity storage system for your home

With picea, you can generate, store and use CO₂-free solar energy to power your home all year round – even in winter.

Become independent – with the largest electricity storage system in the world.

picea is new. A small power plant in your family home, powered only by the sun. There is nothing comparable on the market worldwide.

picea supplies the electricity that your family home needs – completely from your own roof, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and 100% CO₂-free.

With picea, you declare your own independent energy transition and pioneer a future without CO₂ emissions.

picea offers the most secure way to power your home and is your insurance against electricity price hikes.

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Unabhängige Stromversorgung für Ihr Eigenheim

Rely on a clean power supply

Photovoltaics refers to the direct conversion of solar radiation into electricity. The electricity generated in this manner is available to everyone and has the least impact on our environment. CO₂-free, without exhaust fumes, noise or harming animals. With picea, we at HPS have developed a globally unique solution that stores this solar power in the form of hydrogen and can release it on demand 365 days a year.

picea für eine nachhaltige Zukunft

We are working for a sustainable future

We are HPS and we want to make history. We are engineers, experts, researchers, enthusiasts and we have one goal: to supply independent and clean energy for our customers.

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Our customers – real pioneers
Familie Karadeniz

Karadeniz family

When the Karadeniz family decided to build their dream home with Weberhaus, they wanted to become independent of the electricity supplier. Construction technician Fatih Karadeniz was one of the first pilot customers and is impressed …

Familie Hörmann

Hörmann family

With their new-build home in Zusmarshausen, the Hörmann family has managed to live the dream of complete energy independence. Their passive house uses only solar power for its electricity and …

Familie Horn

Horn family

The Horn family’s hydrogen house in southern Bavaria proves the efficiency of picea. In the snowy region, photovoltaic systems often disappear under snow in winter for longer periods of time …

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