The first solar-hydrogen system for your home

Complete your personal energy transition and step into a self-sufficient, secure and CO₂-free future.

picea stands for your maximum electricity independence

picea is installed in your single-family home and supplies you with CO₂-free electricity up to 100% around the year and around the clock. picea is powered only by the sun via photovoltaic modules on the roof. Your solar power becomes usable as green hydrogen all year round. With picea you complete your personal energy turnaround. You are also largely immune to electricity price increases and even power outages – you are maximally independent.

picea für Ihr Eigenheim
picea uses two technologies to make electricity available exactly when it is needed:
Kurzzeitspeicher Tag und Nacht
Short-term storage
Day | Night

With the proven battery technology, solar power from the daytime is stored and made available in the evening. During the day, the sun charges the battery so that enough solar power is available in the evening.

Langzeitspeicher Sommer und Winter
Long-term storage
Summer | Winter

To compensate for the lack of solar output in winter, picea uses hydrogen (H₂). picea uses excess electricity in summer to produce hydrogen from water. In winter, this process is reversed and electricity is generated from hydrogen. The storage and use is completely emission-free.

The compact picea energy centre is located in the house

The energy centre is located in the basement or utility room. Everything you need to provide a year-round solar power supply fits into 1.62 m² of space.

  • Water treatment system and electrolyser for the hydrogen production
  • Fuel cell for converting the hydrogen back into electricity
  • Battery with a capacity of 17 kWh (net) for short-term storage
  • Hybrid inverter
  • Ventilation unit with heat recovery for improved living climate and heating relief
HPS Energiewende Picea 2
HPS Energiewende Wasserstoff Langzeitspeicher

Your long-term hydrogen storage tank is located in front of the house

The hydrogen storage tank is installed outside the house. Depending on demand, one to five Hydrogen storage unit are installed. The size of the storage tank is individually adapted so that your personal electricity needs can be met completely independently.

All components are controlled and monitored by an intelligent energy management system.

Try out our picea app – even without picea

picea is transparent and intuitive. You can quickly get an idea of just how simple it is to manage your future picea. You can try out lots of things using the app for Android and iOS.

Test it out in the demo mode, which is located in the upper right corner of the app.

Picea App
This is what makes picea so unique




picea converts the direct current from the roof into the common alternating current that powers lamps, computers and washing machines. You will not notice a thing – everything works just like you are used to with mains electricity. The only difference is that picea electricity is generated and used completely without CO₂ emissions or any other adverse effects on our environment. The energy that is not directly consumed is stored in a battery. Once this is full, the electrolyser produces hydrogen from the remaining surplus electricity and stores it for the winter.

The sky clouds over or evening falls. No problem, picea has charged the built-in battery and continues to supply the house with electricity. You can relax while watching TV and continue to use the self-generated solar power that was harvested on the roof during the day.

In winter, the sun no longer has enough strength to charge the battery and fully supply the house. Maybe the photovoltaic modules are covered in snow. picea has produced enough hydrogen in summer and stored it for you. The fuel cell can now generate electricity from it again to compensate for the lack of solar radiation. Hydrogen now supplies your house and charges the battery. Your home will continue to be supplied with 100% self-generated and CO₂-free electricity.

picea even makes waste heat usable for you

picea converts energy – waste heat is produced in the process. This is a law of physics. picea makes this waste heat available to the household and thus saves on heating costs and CO₂. No matter whether you heat with electricity, oil, gas or wood: with picea you need less of it. With the second generation of our year-round electricity storage system, we were able to increase the original utilization rate of 90 %. So you still use almost all the energy you get from the sun. Either as electricity or as heat.

Includes domestic hot water supply in summer

In summer, picea produces hydrogen. This produces heat that can warm your domestic hot water. The summer heat is provided as hot heating water. And your heating can take a break.

HPS Funktion Abwärme Produkt
Winterwärme nutzen Grafik

Additional benefit: Winter heating

In winter, picea generates electricity from hydrogen using a fuel cell. The resulting heat is used by picea to support the heat supply to your house.

In buildings with an air-conditioning system: picea works simultaneously as a ventilation unit and provides you with highly efficient heat via the air flow.. Filtered and humidified air is a blessing for anyone suffering from allergies or frequent colds.

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