HPS Home Power Solutions AG and Zollner Elektronik AG sign cooperation agreement

Berlin, 08 August 2019

HPS Home Power Solutions AG (HPS), the Berlin-based energy solutions provider for single-family homes, which fulfils the need for energy independence, today announced the signing of an agreement with Zollner Elektronik AG which will produce HPS’ picea-devices in the future. Zollner Elektronik AG, based in Zandt, Bavaria, is to produce picea-devices annually in the four-digit range in the coming years.

“The supply of energy is the central starting point in order to reduce CO2. Because it provides a completely CO2-neutral power supply in detached and semi-detached houses, picea has the potential to be a disruptive innovation. With its all-in-one unit, the HPS product provides unique additional value to the end user, which helped to convinced us at Zollner”,

commented Johann Weber, CEO of Zollner Elektronik AG.

“We are proud of supporting HPS in the production with our expertise and hence becoming part of the 100% CO2-free energy supply picea-vision.”

“Zollner Elektronik AG is globally recognized as an expert for commissioned production and the entire Supply Chain Management for industries such as automotive, aviation and rail engineering. It stands out for its high-performance standards and uncompromising quality. The cooperation with Zollner facilitates a rapid increase of lots with simultaneous security of quality standard in volume production. This guarantees security of supply and robustness to our customers”,

mentions Zeyad Abul-Ella, managing director and founder of HPS Home Power Solutions AG.

“Thus, HPS Home Power Solutions can match the numerous pre-orders quicker and accelerate the commercialization of picea intensively and in a focused manner. The production of picea, the associated added value and the associated know-how will remain in Germany.”

About HPS Home Power Solutions

HPS develops and produces integrated systems for storing and using solar energy in single- and multi-family homes. HPS stands for reliability, independence and sustainability in decentralized energy supply. The first system from HPS, picea, combines energy storage, heating support and indoor ventilation in one compact product. Thanks to its high-performance energy management system, picea is able to meet the complete electrical energy needs of a single-family home. In addition, all waste heat produced is used to provide the house with heat and hot water, thus lowering the cost of heating. Compared to commercially available batteries, picea has a hundred times more storage capacity with twice the output. picea is energy efficient and provides power all year round, enabling complete energy selfsufficiency and independence from the grid. The energy produced by the photovoltaic installation on sunny days can either be used straightaway or converted into hydrogen and stored. This energy is then made available at night, or during winter when there is limited sunshine. The HPS system’s fuel cell converts the energy stored as hydrogen back into electrical energy and heat as needed. HPS is based in Berlin. For more information, please visit: http://www.homepowersolutions.de/en

About Zollner Elektronik AG

Zollner Elektronik AG, as a partner of globally active top companies as well as small and medium-sized companies, offers cross-sector system solutions along the entire product life cycle. Today among the top 15 in the field of contract manufacturing of electronic components (EMS) worldwide, the 100% family-owned stock corporation was founded in 1965 in Zandt, Bavaria. At 20 locations in Germany, Hungary, Romania, China, Tunisia, the USA, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Hong Kong, we focus on quality, an optimal price-performance ratio, technological leadership and a best-cost-country strategy along the entire value chain. Regardless of whether it is a question of individual parts, modules, devices or complex systems: The customer decides on the process depth. For further information please visit www.zollner.de

Contact HPS Home Power Solutions AG:

Nils Boenigk (Public Affairs & Public Relations)
Tel.: +49 30 235914-704
Email: nbo@homepowersolutions.de

Contact Zollner Elektronik AG:

Martin Eisenhart, Geschäftsbereichsleiter Elektronik 3
Tel.: +49 9944 201-3646
E-Mail: martin_eisenhart@zollner.de