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Experiences, opinions and impressions of picea storage owners

Familie Karadeniz

Family Karadeniz

When the Karadeniz family wanted to build a dream house with Weberhaus, they decided to become independent of the electricity supplier. Construction engineer Fatih Karadeniz was one of the first pilot customers and is impressed: "picea differs from other energy systems in its enormous storage capacity. This makes my family completely self-sufficient even in winter. It's a good feeling to be independent and environmentally friendly at the same time".

See more in this video:


Familie Hörmann

Family Hörmann

With their new building in Zusmarshausen, the Hörmann family has succeeded in living the dream of full energy independence. Their passive house uses only solar power for electricity and heat and is therefore 100% CO2-free in its entire energy supply.

picea is the unique solution, which makes it possible to make the summer surplus available in winter by storing the solar hydrogen.

Detailed insights into the fully autonomous passive house can be found in this video:


Herr HornFamily Horn

The hydrogen house in southern Bavaria of the Horn family proves the efficiency of picea. In this snowy region, it often happens in winter that photovoltaic systems disappear under snow for a long time and cannot produce electricity. The capacity of the picea storage is large enough to cover the electricity demand for several weeks. 

Even a power failure in the village did not affect the secure power supply through picea. How exactly the Horn family experienced these events is described in this field report:

Familie Funck


Family Funck

Since the summer of 2020, there has also been a hydrogen house with picea near Munich. The Funck family was keen to implement a green power supply in their new building. That's why they chose picea. Shortly after moving into their own 4 walls, they share their experiences in this video: