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HPS enables grid independence 

100x more storage capacity than currently available home storage batteries
Twice as much power than other systems
100% real independence
100% transparency
100% renewable

HPS allows you to maximize your independence. All energy produced is efficiently stored and converted. Get the best out of your photovoltaic solar system with HPS. Our energy management is predicting energy yield and consumption. This allows us to determine the most economic system for you. We consider the geographic location of your home, the calculation of your solar energy production as well as your individual energy needs.

Long-term savings

What amount do you pay for your electricity each month?
What does your heating cost per unit?
Invest once and yield profits on a long-term basis. We offer the largest storage capacity with the lowest specific costs per kilowatt hour.

Reliable energy in all the four seasons

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, whether electricity or heat: With HPS you can optimally use your self-generated energy throughout the year.

Total transparency of your energy requirements

HPS systems give you complete transparency of your energy requirements and allows you to monitor them at all times.


Create the ideal ambiance for your family.

With HPS you can use electricity and all its by-products efficiently.

Whenever electricity is generated and consumed, by-products build up, but mostly get lost. With HPS you can control these by-products and use them to your benefit. The heat which is normally lost during electricity generation can be used for heating water or your rooms or both. Humidity that is produced during the application of our fuel cell makes your home climate healthy and comfortable.

Better air quality

While storing electricity, pure oxygen is released which improves the air quality of your local environment.

Cold? Warm up quickly

Our system enables heat generation and distribution across the air. Fast heat transfer is possible due to low thermal inertia. Just use it to make your home more comfortable.

Controlled humidity

Avoid dry air: Controlled humidity helps to keep the air clean and fresh.

No CO2 emissions - Unrivalled efficiency

HPS systems are not only completely CO2-free, but highly effective with over 90% energy efficiency. As the system is installed at your home and enables you to monitor all processes plus consumption on-site, you know exactly how much energy is consumed and converted. This system works without external fuel input, without exhaust fumes and heat loss. All by-products are processed and will make a positive contribution to the climate in your room. Environment-friendly and important for the future of all of us. 1 picea avoids more than 3 tons of CO2 per year. This corresponds to the CO2 storage of about 130 mature spruces. Thousands of picea are our mission.

Active oxygen production

During the energy storage process pure oxygen is produced and released as clean fresh air.

No waste of energy

With HPS no energy is lost: a sealed and efficient system that properly uses every kilowatt hour.

For a better future

Join us to contribute to a better world through the supply of sustainable clean energy, conscious of our environment and economics.

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