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Energy systems to power your independence

HPS develops and produces systems for storing and using solar energy in single- and two-family homes. HPS stands for safety, independence and sustainability in decentralized energy supply. The first system from HPS, Picea, combines energy storage, heating and indoor ventilation in one compact system. Thanks to its high-performance energy management system, Picea is able to meet the complete electrical energy needs of a family home. HPS is based in Berlin.


Our vision

We want our customers to decide where their energy comes from. We stand for sustainability and transparency and have developed a solution enabling our customers to enjoy exactly that. With us, owners of family homes are able to produce and store their energy locally, in order to meet their needs. This not only conserves resources but also reduces greenhouse gases and helps slow down climate change. By using all by-products of the process adequately, we harness every sunbeam with maximum efficiency.

HPS solutions support the expansion of renewable energies.

As part of the global energy community, we are convinced that the cross-linking of our solutions to larger energy storage networks will create a building block for the success of the renewable energy revolution.

Experienced. Passionate. Enthusiastic. These characteristics describe our team. We strive to change the world with our work.

We are pleased if you have the same persuasions and would like to become a part of our team. You can find our current vacancies here: Jobs.

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Zeyad Abul-Ella
Founder and Managing Director

Zeyad Abul-Ella is Co-Founder and Managing Director of HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH. He has a degree in civil engineering. He gained experience in project management and product development at leading renewable energy companies, including Schlaich Bergermann & Partner, where he worked for over five years playing a key role in the development and implementation of power plant projects based on concentrated solar power technology. Mr. Abul-Ella has had profit and loss responsibility for the HPS business unit of Heliocentris since its founding in 2012, where he was also responsible for operations, strategy, business development, product development, as well as management and marketing. In December 2014, Mr. Abul-Ella founded the independent HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH together with Dr. Henrik Colell and has set up its initial operations and financing. He is also a lecturer in renewable energy at the Technical University Berlin.

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Dr. Henrik Colell
Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Henrik Colell is Co-Founder and Managing Director of HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH. He studied physics, chemistry and mathematics at Freie Universität Berlin and has done his PhD on catalyst development for fuel cells and electrolyzers. From 1998 to 2011, he served as Chief Executive Officer and from 2011 through the end of 2016 as Chief Technology Officer of Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG and has more than 20 years of experience as a managing director. As a pioneer in fuel cell technology worldwide, Dr. Colell has deep industry knowledge and has access to an excellent network within the sector, especially regarding industry, research and politics. One of his key strengths is his ability to link technology, market and finance into a cohesive corporate strategy. Since 2012, Mr. Colell has been spokesperson of Clean Power Net, a company network in the area of fuel cell power supply solutions.

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Jewgeni Elster
Managing Director

Jewgeni Elster is managing director of HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH. He holds a degree in business administration and an MBA in Energy Management and has more than ten years of relevant management experience in the financial sector of various energy and consulting companies and in the banking industry. This includes, for example, his activities at Dornier Consulting International GmbH, the energy companies Gazprom and Vattenfall. Before joining HPS in 2020, he was CFO at the photovoltaic company Saferay Holding, where he was responsible for finance, business strategy and development. He has excellent expertise in strategic issues relating to renewable energies, finance, controlling, human resources, legal, IT and risk management, including in the energy industry. 

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Hans-Peter Villis
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Hans-Peter Villis has worked for several utilities, including serving as Managing Director of Städtische Werke Magdeburg GmbH, on the Management Board of Gelsenwasser AG, as Chairman of the Management Board of E.ON Westfalen Weser AG in Paderborn and as Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of E.ON Nordic AB. Mr. Villis served as Chairman of the Board of EnBW AG for five years starting 1 October 2007. In addition to several advisory functions in the energy sector, he is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the German soccer club VfL Bochum.

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Dr. Paul Grunow
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Paul Grunow is a physicist with a PhD in photovoltaics. He co-founded three companies in various areas of the photovoltaics industry (Solon SE, Q-Cells SE, PI Berlin AG). Today, Dr. Grunow runs the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI), which has 30 employees. The PI is an international service provider for photovoltaic systems operators with accredited laboratories in Berlin and China, including an internal R&D department. Dr. Grunow is a shareholder and advisory board member of nine cleantech companies in Berlin and a venture capitalist in the cleantech sector. He is curator of the Reiner-Lemoine Foundation and has taught at the Technical University of Berlin as well as other universities.

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Ayad Abul-Ella
Member of the Supervisory Board

Ayad Abul-Ella worked for Siemens AG, Fiber Optic Modules as a Segment Manager and Head of Strategic Purchasing. In 1999, he joined Infineon Technologies in Munich as Managing Director & Vice President of several business segments at Infineon Technologies and later at Qimonda AG. Mr. Abul-Ella also worked as an Interim Manager at AMD in Texas and California and was responsible for corporate strategy and companywide projects to optimize core business processes. From 2011 to 2016, he was Chief Executive Officer of Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG.

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Jürgen Kälber
Member of the Supervisory Board

Before Mr. Jürgen Kälber became self-employed in the field of dental implantology, he worked in the Pforzheim jewellery industry and set up joint venture companies in jewellery production in several countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He then founded his own implantology company, which he sold to the world market leader Straumann AG in Switzerland in 2015. Since then, Mr. Kälber has invested in various start-ups and also founded another company in the field of real estate project development in the Greater Munich Area. Mr. Kälber has many years of entrepreneurial experience, which he brings to the HPS Supervisory Board.

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Klaus Martini
Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats

Klaus Martini has been active in the finance and investment business for more than 30 years. He spent 28 years at DWS and Deutsche Bank as Head Portfolio Manager and Global Chief Investment Officer. He was responsible for Deutsche Bank's global investment strategy as well as the entire asset management business, with a volume of approximately €70 billion. Mr. Martini later worked for Wilhelm von Finck AG (now Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office) and has for some time been investing in young companies.