How efficient is picea?


Every storage tank has an efficiency rating. The efficiency rating refers to the fact that energy is partly stored in the storage tank but also partly released as heat. This heat energy can often no longer be used. picea stores the energy as hydrogen. The hydrogen is produced by the electrolyser and fills the storage tank. The electrolyser has a 70% efficiency. When energy from the storage tank is needed, the fuel cell comes into play and converts the hydrogen into electricity and heat. The fuel cell has a 50-60% efficiency. picea is installed in the house where electricity and heat are needed. When electricity and heat are produced in the conventional way, this produces CO2, which pollutes our environment. picea, on the other hand, uses only CO2-free solar energy and supplies both forms of energy – electricity and heat. picea is therefore highly efficient and achieves almost 90% efficiency. This makes picea one of the best energy systems available on the market today.

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Where is picea available?


Currently, only customers from Germany can buy a picea system. We are continuously expanding our partner network so that your nearest contact is right on your doorstep. Our customer advisers are already there for you at various locations in Germany.

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Are there comparable products on the market?


As far as we are aware, picea is the world’s first electric energy storage system based on green hydrogen for buildings available as a product. Fuel cells have been used in industry for decades – we are now bringing this technology to your home.

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Can picea also supply a house if the public power grid fails?


When the power grid fails, picea takes over the power supply. The house is then supplied from the battery, which in turn is charged by the photovoltaic system and the fuel cell. This means that emergency power can be supplied for months if necessary. Since picea provides 3-phase electrical energy, appliances can continue to operate as usual.

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How safe is picea?


Safety has been our top priority from the very beginning. Our picea product is 100% safe in every situation thanks to various patents on components and processes.

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Can hydrogen be stored permanently?


The entire picea system is permanently sealed tight. There is no measurable diffusion of hydrogen. Mathematically speaking, it takes 300 years for 1% of hydrogen to escape. Our hydrogen cylinders are made of steel and have centimetre-thick walls. All pipes are made of stainless steel, and all connections and seals are mechanically sealed tight.

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Can I operate all appliances with picea?


picea generally operates parallel to the grid. Appliances operated in your home can draw power at full capacity at any time. picea provides you with enough power to completely supply all standard household appliances. If you need extraordinarily high power (e.g. for machines), picea delivers a maximum power according to the data sheet. If the required power exceeds this, electricity is drawn from the public grid. If the grid is not available, e.g. due to a power outage, picea can continue to supply your home with up to 10.2 kW of power – and that is 3-phase electricity.

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