First multi-picea storage system in property with several residential units

Berlin, 31. October 2022

HPS Home Power Solutions AG (HPS), provider of the world’s first green hydrogen-based year-round electricity storage system for buildings, celebrates the next milestone: Germany’s largest multi-picea project was officially inaugurated on 29 October 2022 in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria. Nine cascaded picea systems supply a building with a total of 2,800 square metres and six residential units with solar power from its own roof all year-round. A 180 kilowatt peak photovoltaic system generates the solar power.

„With multi-picea, i.e. cascaded picea systems, we now also supply larger building units with solar power all year round. We are further expanding our product range with our multi-picea solution. After an initial commercial application, the first building with several residential units is now following. For larger building complexes, multi-picea is the ideal solution, for the greatest possible independent and CO₂-free energy supply“,

says Zeyad Abul-Ella, founder and CEO of HPS.

Thanks to hydrogen, the storage capacity of picea is many times higher than that of conventional batteries. For even higher storage capacities in large properties, a large number of picea systems can be connected together thanks to the “Forester” product extension. The HPS solution for medium-sized companies and buildings is dimensionable. For example, multi-picea in Bad Kissingen can store 13,500 kilowatt hours of electrical energy in 45 hydrogen bundles and thus supply the building with self-produced and CO₂-free solar power all year round.

The multi-picea system uses the process heat generated and makes it available to the building. In addition to a high level of supply security, this results in an overall utilisation rate of up to 90 percent. In addition, multi-picea supplies the building’s five heat pumps with solar power from its own roof in summer and winter.

multi-picea is already being used successfully in Meckenheim in North Rhine-Westphalia. A sanitary and heating company is supplied with five picea systems.

About picea and HPS Home Power Solutions AG

HPS is the world leader in the development and production of integrated energy storage systems based on green hydrogen for homes, multi-family houses and commercial properties. HPS addresses important areas of the energy transition with its highly innovative picea year-round electricity storage system. The surplus energy generated by a photovoltaic system on sunny days is stored as green hydrogen and used in the dark season to supply electricity and heat. Thus, buildings can be provided with solar energy from their own roofs all year round. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2014 by Zeyad Abul-Ella and Dr. Henrik Colell. HPS has won several prestigious awards with picea, most recently the Handelsblatt Energy Award, the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Award and the Sustainability Challenge of the German Sustainable Building Council.

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