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Your Family - Your Home - Your Energy

Living clean energy

HPS allows you to realize your own clean energy supply by putting the power of nature in your hands. Light, heat and air are made available by the intelligent power supply system of HPS specifically designed for your home. 100% emission-free, all season and transparent.


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Generate independent energy

The HPS storage solution offers more capacity and performance than all commercially available providers, making your photovoltaic system a highly available power station that provides clean energy whenever and wherever needed. Be independent from grid and fossil energy.
HPS stands for clean energy, every day and every night, in summer and in winter, for a lifetime.
HPS stands for independent energy, in any location, even without grid access, offering a clean and efficient alternative to diesel generators.





Experience emission-free energy

Produce your electricity free of emissions while enjoying clean air and creating both heat and a pleasant climate for your home. The heat generated in the system is efficiently used for water and heating, creating a further advantage from your HPS system. Create the ideal climate in any room for yourself and your family.




Understand local energy

You can generate, store, use and control your energy at home, while also benefiting from the by-products. This one-stop energy solution is provided on-site, thus enabling maximum transparency. Our solutions allow you to balance and regulate your energy consumption and needs effectively. Check out the compact, fully integrated HPS system.




The world of energy supply is changing.

The energy revolution is challenging the existing energy infrastructure in an unprecedented way, in Germany as well as abroad.
Decentralized energy storage systems are an essential key to addressing these challenges and are urgently needed to drive further expansion of renewable energy. Our HPS team is competing to make a significant contribution to this development.

- Zeyad Abul-Ella (CEO HPS)

Zeyad Abul-Ella - CEO HPS

In order to harness the potential of renewable energy, you need to understand the bigger picture. At HPS, we have developed a system that not only stores energy, but also provides energy as needed at all times.
With HPS you will have full transparency from energy production to consumption and a clear certainty of where the energy for your household comes from and how much you as an individual are contributing to a healthier environment.

- Kevin Schröder (Product Manager HPS)

Kevin Schröder - Produkt Manager HPS

Clean energy for everybody

With HPS, you hold the keys for the global energy revolution in your hands.

HPS - your reliable partner

Healthy, Green, Highly Efficient. We live and work for clean energy.

We stand by your side

As of 2021 and according to EnEG § 2a, all new buildings in Germany have to be built as very low-energy buildings. HPS offers new possibilities to adhere to these new regulations.


Our mission

Experience and passion

Our team has gained more than seven years of dedicated R&D experience and can draw on know-how from 25 years of technical development. Our experienced and enthusiastic team is committed to top performance and supreme quality.

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